My name is Michael Allen and I have worked in the field of Behavioral Health for over 18 years. I have formerly recovered from a unique form of emotional domestic violence. I am now in strong recovery from abuse and help other parents walk through their journey of a unique form of Domestic Violence known as Pathogenic Parenting more commonly known as Parental Alienation. Pathogenic Parenting is unique because it goes largely unnoticed and deeply affects not only the targeted (left behind) parent but also deeply affects the child. When a parent is erased from a child's life during a high conflict divorce it causes a unique form of complex or "sandpaper" trauma to both the targeted parent and the child who is not allowed to love both parents.  I was successfully able to defeat false allegations and an interstate restraining order and prevent being erased from my son's life forever. The support and love of other targeted parents won back my parental rights and was able to bring my son home from across the country. I continue to work towards reversing this crisis and am now trained as a high conflict divorce coach. 


Pathogenic parenting is unique because it is the same as molesting a child's mind instead of their body....it must be recognized as emotional child abuse and treated as such. It is my goal to teach other's how to be healthy parents and raise strong children into strong adults. If you would like to learn how to have the same success follow me, I will shine a light on your path until you can find it for yourself. 

Michael Allen